10th March 2018

Alpcoin for individuals

Secure transactions
Transferring funds via Alpcoin network is fast and protected by a strong encryption level. No one can modify your transaction or use your account, as long as you keep your wallet safe.

Alpcoin is with you everywhere and anytime
The Alpcoin network is based on an open source peer-to-peer technology that guarantees a 24/7 service. Alpcoin network nodes are distributed across the world, making a reliable and safe network.

Fast international payments
Due to the intrinsic nature of blockchain technology there are no intermediaries between end users of Alpcoin. Transfers of funds is without geographical limitations.

Low cost
Alpcoin allows you to make and receive payments at low cost. We have set transaction costs at minimum to promote adoption of the Alpcoins by people.

Your identity is protected and secure
The Alpcoin network guarantee the identity of its users by strict KYC policy. The network is powered by advanced encryption mechanisms ensuring traceability as well as privacy.