11th March 2018



Patrick Ruegsegger

Patrick Ruegsegger is founder and global project manager of Alpcoin. He is chairman of Swiss A-Coin Trading and Swiss Q Brands Trading. He has about 20 years of experience in the project management and IT sector, 10 years with SBV / UBS and as CEO of an investment and consulting company over 10 years of experience in investment banking. He is a global strategic thinker, FinTech expert, and since 1988 with business contacts to Dubai and lived and worked in Switzerland, Italy, U.S. and UAE and speaks four languages.


Francesco Polzella
Project Manager

Francesco is a passionate and curious information technology consultant expert in high performance computing expecially applied to Computer vision and video analytics techniques especially oriented to platforms including GPU, multicore and embedded devices based on ARM and ARM+GPU architecturesand Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As independent professional has been responsible for many R&D projects (both publicly and privately funded).


Carsten Brandt
Senior Developer

Carsten runs a web hosting and consulting company since 2007 and has since been involved in a large amount of projects, building online solutions for customers from many diverse fields. He graduated from university as M.Sc. Informatik and has astrong background in open source as a core team member of the Yii PHP Framework.


Gianmarco Spinatelli
Senior Developer

Skilled c/c++ developer, IOT/Embedded paltform expert. System Adminsitrator.


Lytton Scott
Social Media Manager