11th March 2018

Windows installation

To install multichain demon is sufficient to extract the content of downloaded archive to your chosen directory.

Test installation
First launch multichain daemon to join the alpcoin network, launch cmd and cd into installation directory, then launch daemon

multichaind.exe alpcoin@blockchain.alpcoin.com:9200 -daemon

After a while the shell returns, then issue the following command:

multichain-cli.exe alpcoin getblockchaininfo

You should see something like this:

"chain" : "main",
"chainname" : "alpcoin",
"description" : "AlpCoin",
"protocol" : "multichain",
"setupblocks" : 60,
"reindex" : false,
"blocks" : 461,
"headers" : 38000,
"bestblockhash" : "00ee06ea8280e1577a5d0cc51628a3ca2dd853d7f28b56567951a66defbc3dd9",
"difficulty" : 0.00000006,
"verificationprogress" : 1.00000000,
"chainwork" : "000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001ce00"

These are information related to blockchain state:
“blocks” : 461 means that your multichain daemon is synchronising with the rest of the notwork, you should see this count slowly increasing up to “headers”.